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Propane Refill And Keeping Heating Costs Down

Propane Refill And Keeping Heating Costs Down

Dear Diary: This is the typed out version of my diary entry on propane refill and keeping heating costs down to make it easier to read! Refilling propane and heating efficiency There’s nothing quite as terror-inducing and mortifying as still being in bed and having […]

Do spider bite home remedies work? 3 remedies we tried!

Do spider bite home remedies work? 3 remedies we tried!

Do spider bite home remedies work? Spider bites were definitely not on my radar of next post to write about! However, this past week, my son suffered from a bite on his pinky toe. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in […]

10 Cute Mom Shirts for the Crunchy Mom

10 Cute Mom Shirts for the Crunchy Mom

Cute Mom Shirts for the Crunchy Mom

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Check out these cute mom shirts for the crunchy mom! What is a crunchy mom?

You know the type: She’s your tree hugging, cloth diaper wearing, baby-led weaning, organic snacks, homemade laundry soap making mama!

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. For more information, see our disclaimer.

Oh..and she has just the perfect essential oil for that sniffle, cough, rash. Stressed? Have you tried mindfulness yet? Or what about this delicious herbal tea to take away those awful menstrual cramps?

Yep, she’s totes amazeballs to have around! Chances are you might be one of them, so why not celebrate your glorious awesomeness with a cute mom shirt?

Or share the love with a well deserving crunchy mom!

crunchy mom tshirt

Crunchy Mama T-shirt

This shirt leaves no doubt who it’s wearer is, a crunchy mama!



Looking Like A Snack T-shirt

I had to laugh at this one! When I was in the throes of breastfeeding, I felt 

exactly this way!


Crunchy, Natural Woke T-Shirt

Woke..ha ha..says it all plus how cute is the color

although there’s other colors as well!

crunchy mama tshirt


Babywearing Cute Mom T-shirt

Awww, what a cute way to express your sentiments

on how fast kiddos grow!

babywearing ths

And here’s a proud mama wearing it!

cute mom tshirt


Y’All Need Oils

Ok, Ok, I’ll admit that I have to bite my tongue sometimes

to avoid prescribing everyone with a natural oil remedy, but come on, they work!

cute mom shirt


Crunchy Mama Definition T-shirt

Remember earlier when we discussed what a crunchy mama was? 

Well here’s how to educate the general population!

cute mom shirt

This one is even more in depth!

crunchy mom tshirt

Lots of Kids Cute Mom Shirt

Shout out to all the haters! Do you know a friend who needs this?

cute mom shirts

Emotional Health T-shirt

In this day and age, when so many kids are struggling with mental health

problems, I’m a huge fan of this shirt!

emotional health tshirt

Crunchy Kid T-shirt

Ok, so this one isn’t a mommy shirt but it’s so adorable I had to 

throw this mommy and me t-shirt and onesie combo together!

crunchy baby onesie

crunchy mom tshirt

I hope you have enjoyed perusing these cute mom shirts for the crunchy mom ideas and it’s given you a headstart on

your Christmas gift giving! Remember it’s only 2 weeks away!!!

Cheers! Mrs. G

cute mom shirts



What is a homestead?

What is a homestead?

Have you ever wondered what is a homestead? 18 days ago, we bought a little farm or like I like to call it a “farmette.” You know, the miniature size of regular farm, like a kitchen, but a kitchenette, get it? Ok, I’ll stop lol. […]

10 STEM Gifts for your Preschooler’s Christmas!

10 STEM Gifts for your Preschooler’s Christmas!

Get those brain cells moving and feel like a great mom with these 10 STEM gifts for your preschooler’s Christmas! You don’t have to feel as if you are wasting your money with disposable toys. What are STEM toys? So what are STEM toys? The […]

What’s the best turkey to buy? Organic versus Regular

What’s the best turkey to buy? Organic versus Regular

Thanksgiving is in 20 days!!! What’s the best turkey to buy? Organic or regular? I have been working hard to create a healthier lifestyle for my family so the question on my mind was what’s the difference?

Chances are you don’t know either! Keep on reading and finding how why knowing the difference between regular vs. organic turkey is important!


As began my research I was stunned to find that there are many different healthy types of turkeys you can buy! These are the four types I found:

  • Non-GMO Turkey
  • Organic Turkey
  • Free-Range Turkey
  • Heritage Turkey

This site contains affiliate links and I may earn from purchases made via these links at no additional cost to you! For more info, see my Disclosure.

How are regular turkeys raised?

Before we discuss the different kinds of good for you turkeys, we need to explore what exactly we are buying when we buy a regular turkey from the local grocery store.

Did you know that 250 million turkeys are slaughtered every year in our country? Not only is this an astonishing number, but these bird often go through a horrific process before they end up on your plate.

The males are bred to grow 3 times large than their natural build causing excessive weight gain. These poor overweight turkeys may suffer from crippling due to weight on their legs, heart problems, painful legs, and they cannot even reproduce naturally.

This puts a new spin on breasts getting in the way, because that’s exactly why they cannot mount the females. I was shocked learn the majority of turkey babies comes from artificial insemination!

Not only that but a shocking number of the turkeys up to 10,000 are often crowded into one structure. With only 2.5- 4 feet of total space per bird, they suffer in the dusty, badly ventilated, ammonia filled air.

Sounds tasty huh? And let’s not discuss how they are jampacked into delivery trucks often dying before reaching their destinations. The list goes on and on. You can read more on the entire process here.

How are regular turkeys fed?

What exactly are regular turkeys fed and how do they become so large? Sadly they are forced to consumed GMO products often corn which has been spiked with antibiotics. In fact did you know that due to the large amounts of antibiotics we ingest from our food, we have become increasingly resistant to antibiotics?

Have food poisoning? The antibiotic used to treat it might not work for you. Caught a staph infection? It is highly likely you are now penicillin resistant.

Antibiotics we consume from farm-raised meat has long term health-effects.

What does GMO stand for and why is it bad? Here’s a short explanation below.

What is a non-GMO turkey?

To understand what a non-gmo turkey and what’s the best turkey to buy, you must first understand the definition of gmos. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. This term is applied when an animal or plant form has been created via the splicing of different genes together.

Through this technology, different species can be spliced together. Stop and think about how many things can go wrong with this! Popular from 1996, GMOs are now generally considered so bad for your health over 60 countries including all the European Union countries, Australia, and Japan have severely restricted or banned GMOs!

Some crops may contain up to 8 different genes!

So why isn’t the U.S. on board? I believe the quick answer to that is greed and making a quick buck. GMO crops are generously sprayed with toxic pesticides which are harmful to us and the eco-system. Some of the herbicides are even injected directly into the soil.

Even worse, the seeds may be coated with fungicide and a whopping 4 systemic insecticides before planting.

The safest way to avoid GMO’s is to choose products with the non-gmo project verified sealLook for this seal on your turkey:


This seal means that the supplier has done these following steps:

  • All food the turkey consumes has been tested for GMOs.
  • Possibly risky ingredients have been tested.
  • The action threshholds  and best GMO practices have been met and passed.

Now what is the difference between a non-GMO turkey and an organic turkey?

What is an organic turkey?

So what exactly is an organic turkey? The main difference between a non-GMO turkey and an organic turkey is that in addition to being fed non-GMO food, the turkey is being fed a Certified Organic Non-GMO Vegetarian Diet. 

Think of it this way, we can have a healthy diet, but the best diet is a healthy and organic diet. Like the non-GMO turkey, the organic turkey is raised with

• No preservatives
• Zero animal by-products
• No gluten
• Zero added hormones
• No antibiotics

Although this is totally amazing you can continue to upgrade your turkey by making sure it’s organic and free-range.

What is a free-range turkey?

A free-range turkey is a lucky bird. Just like the name describes this turkey is not crowded in 2.5 square feet of space, but has plenty of freedom and room for foraging. Generally the area can be 4 times more than a commercial turkey farm.

Free-range turkeys are often fed a high-protein diet and their meat tends to be quite lean. You can make delicious turkey burgers, patties, turkey legs, turkey soup, bbq wings, sausage links, etc. with this versatile meat!

A free-range turkey is a happy turkey.

Last but not least the best turkey to buy just might be a heritage turkey.

What is a heritage turkey?

When you think of a heritage turkey, picture pioneer days with those fabulous turkey plumage seen in old-time pictures. Heritage turkeys are the best of the best, the OG of turkeys if you will!

In fact heritage turkeys are protected to prevent extinction and the varieties include Bourbon Red and the Narragansett, which is the oldest known variety!

Heritage turkey meat is said to be very flavorful and delicious with an abundance of dark meat. These are turkeys fit for the king as they are fed the best of best and unlike other turkeys they can fly and have turkey babies!

Because heritage turkey have a great diet and exercise this is what contributes to their meat tasting so much better!

non-gmo turkey

So after reading this have you decided what is the best turkey to buy? Here are your choices again if you need a reminder.

Kinds of Turkey to Buy

  • Regular
  • Organic
  • Organic & Non-GMO Turkey
  • Non-GMO Turkey
  • Free-Range Turkey
  • Heritage Turkey

The list goes on! The important thing when buying your turkey at your local grocery store or local turkey farm is to make sure the labels have these items listed:

  •  No preservatives
  • Zero animal by-products
  • No gluten
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Zero added hormones
  • No antibiotics

So I bought my turkey before I did my research so I ended up buying an organic turkey. One thing to consider is that these turkeys tend to be more expensive per pound than regular turkeys.

However the health benefits overrules the price! I mean why would I want to bite into a pesticide, antibiotic laden turkey leg? No thanks!!!

what turkey to buy

Meanwhile I’m saving up for a heritage turkey for a very special occasion, maybe my 5 year anniversary?

So have you decided what’s the best turkey to buy? Whatever you choose, have a very blessed Thanksgiving!


Mrs. G


6 Eco-friendly Organic Wooden Toys for Toddlers for Christmas

6 Eco-friendly Organic Wooden Toys for Toddlers for Christmas

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Is Pumpkin Spice Good for You?

Is Pumpkin Spice Good for You?

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Natural PMS Relief- Get Rid of Period Pain Fast

Natural PMS Relief- Get Rid of Period Pain Fast

Natural PMS Relief

As a woman you have probably googled how to get rid of cramps before! But do you know there are natural PMS relief methods to get rid of period pain before you hit up that Ibuprofen or Aleve? In fact taking nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen can cause kidney problems, constipation, ringing in your ears, dizziness, heart burn, stomach pain, etc. to name a few!

As a former sufferer of endometriosis, I shudder to think how many Aleve, Tylenol, and aspirin I downed in my desperate attempt to escape from the pain tearing my insides apart! When I would go to the doctors for help, they only prescribed STRONGER medication like hydrocodone. Now I have kidney problems and I do my best to avoid urinary tract infections. Coincidence? I think not!

Do you or you kiddo have frequent UTI’s or do you have one NOW? Check out my post on the most commons signs of UTI and natural ways to relieve UTIs in women and children!

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. For more information, see our disclaimer.

cramp bark for period pain

Tips for Period Pain Relief

Here are some natural ways to relieve period pain that I have discovered or used over the years. Try them and see, they just might work for you!

Vegetarian Diet

So, you might shudder at the thought of eating all veggies, but you might want to try sticking to the green stuff when on your period! Endotoxins in meat and dairy products produce inflammation in the body. This is the opposite of the pain and inflammation we are trying to stay away from on your period! Instead try getting your fats via healthier means by eating fish, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, etc.

Greens contains a lot of healthy protein and amino acids that you need. They naturally help to reduce inflammation and restore your gut health. J.J. Smith developed a green smoothie cleanse that I am a huge fan of. Her green smoothie recipes are the best I have ever tried. Check out this post to learn more about the benefits of green smoothies and how to get your hands on some delicious recipes!

Cramp Bark

Cramp bark is such a great name as it is exactly what it can be used for! Cramp bark containsw methyl salicyclate which helps to relieve your period pain and reduce inflammation. Often when you are on your period you have problem with bloating. Cramp bark helps to reduce fluid retention and bloating.

A study done in 2010 also showed that people who were treated with the berry extract found significant endometriosis improvement. It may also interest you to know that cramp bark has been used to prevent miscarriages and is the herb of choice by United Kingdom herbalists.

You can buy cramp bark in many forms including capsules, tinctures, tea, and bulk. Cramp bark can be easily found online or at your favorite natural health food store. I recommend this brand as one of my most trusted and favorite brands.

To 1 cup of water add 2 teaspoons of dried cramp bark, bring to a boil, and simmer for up to 15 minutes. You can drink this up to 3 times daily. Please consult your doctor first if you are on blood pressure medication or using lithium. You should also avoid taking cramp bark if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Fennel & Ginger

Love licorice? Fennel is a bulbous plant with long stalks and feathery green leaves. The bottom looks like an onion and it is in the carrot family. If you have ever had a sip of fennel tea, you know fennel taste like a mixture of licorice and anise with a fragrant and aromatic taste.

Fennel is jam packed with good for you phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins. 

Fennel is jam packed with good for you phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins. In fact too many to mention, but here are some: Vitamin A, B-6, C, E, & K, iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, and folate. Fennel is also a natural estrogen source.

Fennel helps with cramps because it works by relaxing your muscles. The reason we experience pain with cramps is when our uterine muscles starts contracting in overtime. When that happens our blood flow is reduced to uterus and we experience pain. Because fennels helps to relax your uterine muscles you may notice a slightly heavier blood flow. If you feel as if you are bleeding too much or if you struggle with naturally heavier periods, 1/8 tsp. of ginger taken 3 times daily can help you to reduce your blood flow by half!

Think of fennel as nature’s ibuprofen. Fennel extract was tested against mefenamic acid, which is in the same class as NSAIDs, and the results were phenomenal. Fennel gave participants relief from their period pain just as well as mefenami acid without the side effects! In fact, the majority of women began the study in severe pain and ended up pain free after taking the fennel extract! Fennel also helps to relieve symptoms fo nausea and weakness.

In another study comparing fennel extract and a placebo, 52% of the women reported the treatment as excellent with a significant reduction in pain within an hour.

Ways to Take Fennel

For relief from period pain, you can use fennel essential oil and rub in on the bottom of your feet or on your stomach. Whatever fennel oil you use please be sure that it is organic like this one. You do not want to introduce unnecessary toxins into your body!

You can also add fennel very easily to your diet. As mentioned previously, the entire fennel plant is edible. Add the stalk to your homemade stock or as a delicious accompaniment to soups and stews. Slice fennel up with some onion, sautee the mixture and enjoy your tasty side dish. Fennel also adds a delicious kick to your usual sandwich toppings of tomatoes and lettuce! The leaves can also be used as an herbal seasoning.

Another favorite of mine is drinking fennel tea! You can purchase either the pure fennel tea or find it in many delicious combinations! This brand is the one I have sitting on my countertop. I love relaxing after a long day with a yummy, aromatic cup!

get rid of period pain

I also found this one that has fennel AND ginger, how cool is that!!!!

However, for fastest results, the fennel seed extract will probably work best. Drinking fennel and eating fennel are suggestions on how to get your body prepared for your time of the month and lessen the likelihood of period pain!


As a past chronic anemia suffer, I have long known how important iron is for your body to function properly. I also take iron pills whenever I experience weakness on my period! So it was no news when I read about a recent study that recomended foods rich in non-heme iron as a way to help PMS symptoms.

Serotonin, one of the feel good neutrotransmitters in your brain needs iron to be produced. Researchers found that women who ate plenty of non-heme rich foods were less likely to suffer from PMS symptoms. In fact taking 20 mg of non-heme iron daily reduces chances of suffering from PMS symptoms from 30-40%. Taking a recommended dose of zinc also seemed to help with PMS symptoms.

Non-heme rich food

Non-heme iron and heme iron are both present in meat. However, as mentioned above, you might want to stick to eating more veggies to help get rid of pain during your period. You can also get non-heme iron from nuts and seeds, beans, fruit, grains, eggs, and dairy.

Two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses contains a whopping 7.2 mg of non-heme iron. Whenever I feel my iron levels dropping I often make homemade molasses cookies. Such a delicious way to get your iron! Cooked spinach is another great way at 6.4 mg of non-heme iron a cup! It’s important to cook the spinach as the oxalates in raw spinach blocks iron absorption. Beans and lentils such as soybeans, chickpeas, red and white beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, red, green, and yellow lentils, are all one of the higher source of non-heme iron.

Other sources of non-heme iron are broccoli, chickpea, firm tofu, tempeh, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, baked potato with skin, prune juice, dried apricots, cashews, almonds, and pistachios. This is not an exhaustive list but should give you a great start!

If you have problems with anemia, here is the  gluten-free, vegan, and non-gmo iron I currently take. When trying to build your iron up it’s important to that you consume iron with Vitamin C as it helps with iron absorption. This supplement includes the Vitamin C for you so you don’t have to worry about this extra step plus it’s a safe supplement to take during menstruation.


Ladies, for years I suffered from horrific, doubled over, vomit inducing, endometriosis pain. And do you know what I thought helped my unbearable period pain? That’s right, I drank cup after cup of strong black tea laced with sugar! Little did I know sugar produces inflammation in the body and caffeine creates more cramps!!! Although it tasted great going down,  the effects of the caffeine would generate more cramps and the vicious cycle would continue.

Avoid caffeine at all costs. If you must have coffee, switch to de-caf which has a much lower dose of caffeine. However, Amazon and your local health food stores have rows upon rows of delicious herbal teas which help rather than harm! Try peppermint, chamomile, spearmint, ginger, or fennel for starters or go for a delicious combination like the bedtime tea. Look at it this way, would you rather have coffee or cramps?

get rid of period pain

Natural PMS relief can be achieved in many ways  such as a vegetarian diet, using cramp bark, taking fennel and ginger, avoiding caffeine, and making sure you are getting enough non-heme iron. You don’t have to suffer you can get rid of period pain fast and in natural ways! I hope this post helps you find the relief you are looking for. Please share what you do to help with menstrual cramps naturally!


Mrs. G.




Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is based on  Belizean Brunette’s research, experience, and research and recommendations of others. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your primary doctor. Belizean Brunette does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Belizean Brunette are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician before attempting any new treatment.








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