Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Mistress Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells, and cockles shells,

And pretty maids all in a row.

Searching for a rug

I am far from Queen Mary, but I have been dying to create my own little slice of garden heaven on my front deck, ahem, make that my only deck.

so ugly and uninspiring

So today, I dragged the kids off in search of a beautiful rug to set the scene and make things more homey. We started off at Marshalls which to my disappointment only had 2 rows of rugs. I was also in search of rugs for my living room and one to go under my dining room table as a crumb catcher from Miss A’s food escapades. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I pictured colorful in my head for the deck, a blue or dark red for the living room, and a natural look for under the table. My current theme is industrial/bohemian/minimalist. Yes really.

Marshalls had some options that I could use, BUT I really didn’t want to compromise..so leaving everything with the disclaimer I would come back if I found nothing else, I trekked over to Home Goods next door. P.s. this was only the 2nd time I had ever been to Home Goods, I know!, but I’m currently hooked. It’s like an explosion of TjMaxx and Marshall’s but in the home arena!

There Master A and I found the PERFECT, gorgeous blue rug for the living room. It was a royal blue complete with tufted swirls that made it look elegant, absolutely soft to the touch, and the perfect size, 9×12. Only ONE major problem. It was $300 and I wasn’t about to plonk that much money down on one rug when I had a ton more to buy. Not only that, I had to keep reminding myself that I was living in a temporary home, not a good idea to break the bank when I had no idea how our future home would look or what design I would go for!

Regretfully, I kept cruising through the store and came upon another aisle of rugs. I had looked at over 40 by now and had lost hope in finding anything. I randomly opened a rug that was rolled up and joy of all joys, it was positively the most delicious looking rug for my deck. Complete with tassels!!! Folks if you haven’t purchased anything with tassels yet, you are missing out!! Nothing makes my little heart more happy than a bit of brightly colored fringe.

Fringe is Life

That was the turning point of that shopping trip, I made an executive decision and purchased it along with a natural rug with black stripes for under the table. I came home, swept up the ton of pollen and helicopters off my deck, and unrolled that baby. Bam! It looked fantastic!

The hunt continues…

Tired, we all relaxed for a bit and then it was off to Wally World in search of plants and flowers and a vacuum! In Arkansas our house had all wooden floors and so if we needed to vacuum any rugs, I simply used our shop vac. My hubby was insistent that we could use it for our carpet in our apartment too which I had agreed to for the time being. I just didn’t think it would clean near as well and it was so time-consuming as we couldn’t find the proper attachment for the floors. Imagine vacuuming with just the small main hose, it was impossible to vacuum entire area and we were just picking up the main areas. I wasn’t too worried because I knew the carpet had just been freshly shampooed before we moved in. However, it had now been a month, and I was dying to suck every bit of dust and dirt out of that carpet!

Walking in the doors, we immediately spotted some lovely metal pails for only $4, perfect for my small plants, I selected a silver one and a yellow pineapple one. Then off to the vacuum cleaner section! As I bumbled my way along the 4 rows of vacuums and carpet cleaners, I happened to overhear the lady in the same row as me discussing the different kinds of vacuums, the best price, etc. with her mom on her Bluetooth. I immediately pointed out to her that the vacuum she was interested in was on sale from $78 to $59, hence a better deal. Well what do you know, she hopped off the call with her mom and explained that her family was big on consumer reviews and she was having her mom research on the best vacuum to buy. Consumer reports stated that Hoover was the best, but Bisell was also good which is the one both her and I was looking at. We stood there for a good 15 minutes trying to decide between two vacuums, one was $20 more and the only difference was that it had an automatic cord rewind and you could pay $10 more a Febreze air filter. It was so much fun connecting with a total stranger who had the same thoughts on money as I did. In the end, we both chose the cheaper vacuum, we were both decidedly against paying $30 extra to be lazy and for a scent! Then with cheerful smiles, we wished each other good luck and bid adieu! In today’s world of hatred and intolerance, it was so lovely that I as white/Belizean woman synced up with a black lady in such an accepting nonjudgmental way with no regard for color or political viewpoint.

Finally, we made our way to the garden section, where Master A and I debated on what vegetables we wanted, tomatoes for sure. And should we grow them from seeds or purchase the actual plants? I knew from experience that plants were the better option so far as chance of survival However, I did want Master A to experience the joy of growth and watching a tiny plant push its way through the heavy dark soil.

Cheesy grin

After evaluating the prices, we learned that it was the exact price to buy a tomato plant already growing, complete with the cage and pot, versus buying everything separate and hoping it grew. So we bought tomato, habanero (because of course, Belizean peppa!), and cucumber plants. But in the interest of science we also got some lettuce seeds and in the interest of beauty, some multicolored petunias. We loaded up the plants, pots, water bottle, etc. on a cart they had provided for such a reason and maneuvered our little train to our car. I did learn that Walmart provides courtesy car side delivery if needed, so if you don’t have a little helper like Master A, there’s always that!

My big, strong helper

Setting up!

As you can imagine we were exhausted when we got back, but very excited to set up our little garden spot! I was determined to hang up the petunias and I didn’t want it hanging off the balcony as it would squish the one side of the flowers and not showcase its beauty. There were no convenient hooks to use and I couldn’t install any, although I debated calling the office to ask! So after trial and error, I made use of an open air vent, jammed a screwdriver up there and with a tiny hook, some duct tape, fishing line, and prayer hung it up!! Let it not be said that I give up without trying!

After that, we arranged the other plants and pots just so, plopped the potting soil down and watered the plants. I sincerely hope they recover from the shock of moving. Also, from Miss A’s overzealous efforts at watering, give a kid a spray water bottle and they’ll be entertained for hours!!!

My beautiful petunias

We then randomly decided to have movie night, agreeing that we deserved it and watched The Secret of Moonacre. It’s a fantasy movie and quite cute if you are ever looking for family movies to watch. All in all, it was a very successful day, I found two beautiful rugs, started my little deck getaway, and finally had a vacuum for the floors!!! That’s all for now! Ta Ta! #simplymrsg



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